Grimm & Co.

Grimm & Co. is a nonprofit charity group that aims to help young children find their love for writing by making them use their imaginations to write their own creative stories. Grimm & Co. is a small shop in Rotherham that sells magic items to humans and creatures in the magical community. Hidden behind a shelf in the shop is a creative writing space focused on helping kids with writing.  At our first visit to Grimm & Co we were introduced to the process in which we were going to work with the children who came in at our next session. We are supposed to act as though real magical creatures come to this shop and never break character, that way we help the children really use their imaginations. Our session after our induction we were greeted by a class of nine and ten year old who seems eager to participate in the day’s activities. The children and teachers were first asked how their minds were feeling to see if they needed unclogging to be at their creative peak so they got to do fun exercises to help their creativity flow.

The first task was for the class to come up with the main and side characters together, after that they created the setting and plot. In the end the kids decided on a purple unicorn, a big green blob and a very small dragon. For the setting and plot; a deep forest with a small cabin where they are trying to find the perfect pizza. Once all was decided the children were broken up into groups of six, each group wrote their own beginning and middle of the story. Once everyone finished writing the stories were placed in a box and we picked out which would be used for the actual story line. now that we had the start of our story the children got to go off separably to write their own endings to the story. In the end each child walked away with a copy of the story created that day with their own endings and drawing in them.


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